Date: 12/06/2015

Bridge of Hope will have an information stand at Sacred Heart Parish Centre this weekend (13-14 June 2015)  as part of the church’s ‘Care Fair’. Bridge of Hope and lots of other support groups will be there in the Oldpark Road church after mass on Saturday and Sunday. Here’s some information about the event taken from the parish bulletin. Please do come along if you can and get a chat with the team.

Sacred Heart Parish – Cares for All: There is a time in all our lives when we, a member of our family, a friend or an acquaintance have a real personal difficulty, problem or worry and don’t know where to go for help. On other occasions there is a tragedy in our community and as parishioners we want to help but are unsure what we can do or advise. Next weekend Sacred Heart Parish will host a “CARE FAIR” in the parish centre. There will be information stands staffed by trained personnel from some of the Health and Care agencies. Please do take the time to call in, collect information leaflets and get to know what they do. You never know who will need your help in the future! After 6.30pm Mass on next Sat 13th June or Sun 14th June 9.30am– 2pm

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