Stress Management

Bridge of Hope offers a wide variety of stress management programmes to victims and survivors of the conflict. These vary in length from one day course to a 6 week programme which meets one day per week for 6 weeks. All courses not only work to alleviate stress but also help to develop a sense of self worth by building on personal development and confidence. Stress is the result of a mismatch between the challenges you experience and your belief in your ability to cope which actually or potentially leads to ill health. All Bridge of hope courses treat the body and mind as whole and provide the tools necessary in maintaining a healthy mind. There are no previous skills or qualifications required to register for any Bridge of Hope programmes and our highly qualified tutors facilitate a bespoke course every time. To read more about some of our Stress Management Programmes please click here. Please click on any of the following links to see view the corresponding Stress Management programme:  

Awards & Accreditations

Ireland Excellence Award