Date: 03/09/2014

Participants from Ashton Community Trust’s “Exploring the Past for a Better Future” programme are gearing up for a unique exploratory and study visit to the German Capital in October.  This programme is part of the Bridge of Hope project and is the second of these visits since 2012.

The programme, which is funded by SEUPB under the EU’s PEACE III Programme, has brought people who took part in both the “Who Am I?” and “Making Sense of the Past” programmes together for what is sure to a hugely informative experience.

Those travelling will visit historic sites of significance in terms of the conflict in Germany as well as meeting with academics from the Berghoff Foundation who specialise in post conflict studies.

Speaking after one of the preparatory sessions with participants who are set for Berlin, Bridge of Hope’s Legacy-Coordinator Niall Ó Donnghaile said;

“This visit is an integral part of our project and we believe it’s vital that participants are given the opportunity to come together and engage with each other as well as share their experiences and expectations about this visit. The three engagement meetings allow for just that and it is clear from this latest meeting that participants are excited, engaged and more than open to learning new things.

The study-visit to Berlin allows our participants to not only self-reflect on the impact of the conflict here but to also learn about conflict and indeed post-conflict scenarios within a completely different context.

This project has a proven track-record of bringing about positive grassroots engagement between communities but we also want to ensure that we maintain this work and build upon it.

The study-visit to Berlin gives us the ideal opportunity to continue and more importantly develop that work.”

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